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Draught Beer and Refrigeration Systems


Beer is a food product that contains carbohydrate and dissolved solids. Over time bacteria can grow inside the beer lines causing unpleasant off tastes. Yeasts and molds can grow in the faucets and tapping heads. The system needs to be cleaned regularly with approved cleaning products to keep the system in great shape. Modern beer lines are designed to have a smooth inner wall to help beer flow and also to prevent microbes from attaching to the wall. Old cleaning methods using glass crystals, coffee grinds, etc. are not recommended because they will scratch the smooth inner wall of the beer line, causing turbulence and giving microbes a place to attach onto.

Beer line cleaning solution is approved for use in draught beer systems. This is a caustic cleaner that is used with warm water to remove foreign bodies. On occasion an approved beer line cleaning acid solution can be used to remove the buildup of beer stone (a lime scale-like deposit in the lines). Bleach and chlorine should never be used.

Draught system cleaning is only half complete if the faucets and tapping heads are not broken down and cleaned. These can contain 50% of contamination.

Draught Cleaning System