Dubliner Service LLC

Draught Beer and Refrigeration Systems

CUSTOMERS: American brewers are the best in the world. There is an amazing range of great beers available today. Your customer, the consumer, expects to choose from a variety of high quality beers. it will give your bar an advantage over the competition who does not have a good selection.

PROFITABILITY: Draught beer is highly profitable.

GREAT TASTING FRESH PRODUCT: Beer packaged in kegs tastes the best. It is fresh, crisp and pleasant, tempting the consumer to have another pint and stay a little longer in your establishment.

LONG LIFE: A draught beer system lasts for many years if it is maintained properly. Kegs take up less space than bottles and are easier to refrigerate. Draught beer will generate a large amount of profit over its lifetime.

Megan Reynolds, Woodstock